JP Morgan Chase’s Contract Intelligence (COiN)
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In today’s connected world, advanced technologies have begun to play a vital role in human life. A couple of such technologies are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Companies are increasingly deploying mach

What is Deloitte’s BEAT (Behavioural and Emotion Analytics Tool)
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Technology has managed to simplify the lives of millions of people around the world. In addition, it has also made things easier for businesses that are looking to become more efficient. One such technology is Artificial

Fintech Lending for MSME
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The vitality of micro, small and medium industry doesn't need any explanation when understood in context of the Indian industries. Additions of this sector towards the economy is unprecedented and has aided the GDP figur

How Credit Card Companies Make Money ?
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Imagine this - the next time you go to a shop or you're buying movie or travel tickets online, how do you pay for them? Usually, we pay using a debit card, QR code, wallets, and last but not the least, the most famous an

What is Algorithmic Trading ?
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With the influx of technology, the whole world is running on algorithms and computers. Then why should the stock trading be left behind? Algorithms in trading and stock market have completely revolutionized the way trade

HDFC Insta Loans: Lead by Example Product?
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For every new age entrepreneur, for every new rising NBFC, for any Bank initiating commercial operations, a prime source of inspiration is HDFC Bank's journey. Arguably, one of the most prestigious and future oriented Ba

SWIFT: Route to International Payments
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The era of international payments has evolved itself into a common household necessity. What used to be a rare type of transaction, was surrounded by strictest laws, has now descended to a rather casual income source for

Understanding the CFA Charter
  • 25 May 2019 | 1383 Views

As we talk about careers in the financial sector, the options we can think of globally would include a Chartered Accountant or a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), a Merchant Banker, Equity or Risk Analyst, an Investment