Influence of Fintech industry on Sports Industry
  • 17 July 2020 | 1244 Views

Financial Technology (FinTech) generally refers to a business that uses technology to enhance user experience with their financial transactions. Fintech has made inroads to the number of industries including financial an

You must go through these Vital Health Insurance Tips
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When someone asks "Is health insurance necessary?" - the answer would be a simple "Yes''. With the current situation and high rising medical costs, health insurance has become one of the priorities for today's generation

Is Blockchain Technology Safe and Beneficial for Banking Sector??
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The bank, recognized as a source to investment is ruled by over associated risks and compels highly recommended security. In order to get it's drawback lowered, banks need to adopt a leading technology via which lenders

StockyLab: Looking for Best STOCK ADVISOR ?
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Investing in the stock market is not everyone's cup of tea. The percentage of people who have made a profit in the stock market is far less than those who have lost their hard-earned money. Yet, the stock market is the b

Asset allocation – Overview, Examples, Strategies
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Asset allocation is another term used for the diversification of your investments across various investment options or asset classes. In a broad sense, your asset allocation determines how your wealth is distributed amon

Miris Green Bonds: Working | Finance Solution | Trading
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Bond is an approach to take part in loaning cash to an organization. At the point when an organization or government needs to raise assets, rather than acquiring from a bank, they can give bonds. Numerous individual spec

15 Lessons you can learn from the Book: “Rich Dad Poor Dad”
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If you have anything to do with wealth and financial freedom (sure you do) then you should read the book - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have not, this article will list down all the learning from the book

Finology: Want to Start Investing Intelligently ?
  • 10 July 2020 | 1809 Views

Private equity investment in India is on the rise over the last few years. It is expected to grow by up to 20 percent in 2020. Venture capital investments and private equity had soared 18 percent and at the end of Novemb