Online Payment Gateways – Compare the best one for you !!
  • 8 May 2017 | 1069 Views

Plastic Money and Digital Money cannot find an existence until there exists a safe system which guarantees security to the consumer and solves the double spend problem for the merchant. For a developing economy like Ind

Money Market Fund Guide
  • 7 May 2017 | 876 Views

Money market fund are those which invest in short-term debt instruments like US Treasury bills and commercial paper and is also known as money market mutual funds. These funds are a popular cash management tool. A m

6 Facts that Define Modern Banking
  • 7 May 2017 | 1722 Views

An absurd phrase that has been creating waves in next generation finance world, is about existence of banks. It says, The Banks exist because of only one reason: People do not trust each other Irrespective of how har

Ethereum: The idea of Smart Money and Smart Wallet
  • 6 May 2017 | 1993 Views

Ethereum, a brain child of Russian Canadian citizen Vitalik Buterin, was initially  released as the Ethereum whitepaper in later 2013. He is a cryptocurrency programmer and was just 19 years old when he ideated this Blo

Google Wallet and Its Role in E Commerce
  • 5 May 2017 | 1301 Views

Google wallet is the person to person payment method or service which is developed by Google. Google wallets facilitate people to send and receive money anywhere at any time from a mobile phone or other device at free of

Facebook Payments
  • 4 May 2017 | 1024 Views

Facebook is an eye-catching Application used to share and connect with friends, family, and people you know or you wanted to know. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Since Facebook became a phenomena, mainstre

Everything About Android Pay App
  • 4 May 2017 | 799 Views

In today’s era, mobile payment services are growing day by day. Similarly to Apple Pay for iPhone, Google’s system is called Android Pay. Android Pay is a digital wallet app for the users to make purchases and to mak

Pros and Cons of E- Wallet
  • 3 May 2017 | 1966 Views

"There were times when money did not have any form. It took form via metal, paper and now plastic.   Soon, our money would be nothing but simplified binary equations. " E-wallet is now money on the move. E-wallets s