What is Deloitte’s BEAT (Behavioural and Emotion Analytics Tool)

What is Deloitte BEAT (Behavioural and Emotion Analytics Tool)

Technology has managed to simplify the lives of millions of people around the world. In addition, it has also made things easier for businesses that are looking to become more efficient. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it is increasingly being used by companies that are looking to automate their processes. AI is based on the principles of simulating human intelligence and then using it to smoothen out business processes. The computers that are able to simulate humans can cut down on the time and resources required to conduct a particular task.

One such AI-based tool is the Behavioural and Emotion Analytics Tool (BEAT), which was developed by Deloitte in the year 2017. This tool is basically an outcome-based voice analytics platform. This platform helps Deloitte’s clients in understanding the thoughts and feelings of their customers. BEAT is a unique concept that has been designed in order to simplify the operations of businesses.

The key idea behind BEAT is that it analyses real-time phone calls and interactions that are held with the call centre staff of a business. This analysis is based on mapping the call data against quality guidelines.

Thereafter, the software assigns a risk-related score to each call. This score is based on several factors such as voice pitch, frequency of different words, and the language. The score helps the business in building a strong understanding of their customers, which can help them in providing better services. Using BEAT also implies that businesses are able to reduce the risks and also lower their costs. The costs can be reduced to a great extent because if somebody were to analyse the calls and the feedback manually, it would require a lot of time and efforts. Furthermore, the quality of the output would not always be high.

By deploying BEAT, companies can manage to analyse customer calls quickly and more efficiently. According to Deloitte, BEAT has an accuracy of around 95%, which is quite a significant number. This accuracy rate is far above what humans can be expected to achieve. This high accuracy has been achieved due to two major reasons.

Firstly, BEAT is based on real-time machine learning. This means that the software learns and adapts while it works. This can prove to be a great advantage because it means that the efficiency of the software is likely to improve with time.

Secondly, the software is based on a platform that can be tailored according to the needs of the client. For example, financial services firms would like to analyse their customer calls along different lines compared to a technology firm. The customisable platform of BEAT means that it can be used in a wide range of industries. This ability to be tailored also means that the software retains its high accuracy since it has been programmed to learn and adapt with time. Thus, it is clear that BEAT is a unique solution that helps businesses in conducting outcome-based voice analytics. The software could help firms in becoming more efficient.

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