Simplifying the Concepts of CAGR and XIRR
  • 8 February 2020 | 341 Views

Not merely a measure of exchange now, money carries immense value for everyone and almost everyone wants to reap maximum returns while investing it. How do you measure investment returns over a certain period of time. Co

Instant Personal Loans for the Salaried 
  • 5 February 2020 | 253 Views

Borrowing money can be an extremely tedious endeavor for some people and also a scary task when the money is from an unethical source. And although taking a personal loans or other loans is only advised if the situation

The Revolut Card Revolution
  • 3 February 2020 | 453 Views

Revolut is a prepaid debit card ideated by Nikolay Storonsky in July 2015. These cards were specially designed for traveling purposes. For any international travel, the currency needs to be converted in accordance with

International Approach of BHIM UPI App
  • 1 February 2020 | 408 Views

Nowadays, cardless transactions are becoming more prevalent. Ever since the time of demonetization occurred in India during the year 2016, there was a steep fall in the usage of money through cash. That was the time wher

What are Climate Bonds
  • 28 January 2020 | 386 Views

Climate Change is a crucial and critical issue of our time and we all are at a defining moment. From unstable weather conditions that threaten our food production, to addressing issues of the rising sea levels that upsur

Exploring CitiBank Credit Cards
  • 25 January 2020 | 425 Views

In the year of 1990, Citi Bank issued its first credit card. Since then, the bank has been issuing credit cards to meet the needs of the individual and fulfill the desires of its existing customers by offering attractive

How to Choose Car Insurance Policy
  • 21 January 2020 | 311 Views

Car insurance policy is an arrangement by a company that guarantees compensation for the damages and loss caused by or to the car. The company provides a 100% guarantee of benefits for the vehicle. A speedy process ensur

Top European Fintech Startups You Must Know
  • 16 January 2020 | 405 Views

Fintech is also known as financial technology. The term Fintech includes a massive range of products, business models and techniques that are transforming the financial services industry. It infers to everything from cas