What are Climate Bonds
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Climate Change is a crucial and critical issue of our time and we all are at a defining moment. From unstable weather conditions that threaten our food production, to addressing issues of the rising sea levels that upsur

Exploring CitiBank Credit Cards
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In the year of 1990, Citi Bank issued its first credit card. Since then, the bank has been issuing credit cards to meet the needs of the individual and fulfill the desires of its existing customers by offering attractive

How to Choose Car Insurance Policy
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Car insurance policy is an arrangement by a company that guarantees compensation for the damages and loss caused by or to the car. The company provides a 100% guarantee of benefits for the vehicle. A speedy process ensur

Top European Fintech Startups You Must Know
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Fintech is also known as financial technology. The term Fintech includes a massive range of products, business models and techniques that are transforming the financial services industry. It infers to everything from cas

Using InvestoAsia for Newgen Investments
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Investing money paves the way for the growth of wealth. The new-gen, today, is on the onset to learn this practice of not only earning money but also managing it. This trend comes in light of ever-evolving technology.

Top 10 Chinese Fintech Startups
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Unprecedented growth of fintech in China has caught attention of investors, companies and users all over the world. Not even  a decade ago China was known as a cash intensive economy. Astonishingly, now if you analyze

What are Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds?
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In today’s time, people face financial insecurities every now and then. The employment and business opportunities that exist are constantly changing and may result in instabilities​ in one’s income. In such a scena

Demat Accounts: Need, Basics and Working
  • 30 December 2019 | 219 Views

The term Dematerialisation or Demat is quite familiar. It is coined for saving the shares, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, government securities, sovereign gold bonds, etc. in an electronic form. This electronic form of