Losing Money via Endowment Plan
  • 2 May 2016 | 922 Views

The Oxford Dictionary defines insurance as : An arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a speci

The Relief of a Term Plan
  • 16 April 2016 | 769 Views

Whenever someone from the family starts to earn and position himself as the sole or one of the bread earners for the family, he becomes a valuable asset to the family. Obviously, his responsibilities increase, mostly, fi

The Magic of Adarsh Credit Co operative Society
  • 16 January 2016 | 1091 Views

It is uncanny to know about a good Indian Financial Institution that is making constant progress and is still not getting massively popular among the urban masses. Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society, a NBFC based out of

Income Tax Exemptions for Salaried Employees
  • 8 January 2016 | 797 Views

The Income Tax Act allows various Income Tax Exemptions for Salaried Employees which are very effective in saving taxes. A salaried employee would be required to intimate his employer that he is claiming these inc

Need of Taxation
  • 18 December 2015 | 1101 Views

Every Government  has to take responsibility to ensure a safe ,secure, and fearless atmosphere for the common citizen so that, he can live a happy life  by earning  every day bread for self & family and other depe

ICRA: Aiding Credit Risk Analysis
  • 9 December 2015 | 1132 Views

Every investor wants to ensure credibility of the institution with whom investment is made whether its in the form SIP or F.D. or R.D., stocks, debentures and so on, before making actual investment. Since none of the

CRISIL and its Role in Indian Credit Rating System
  • 7 December 2015 | 1343 Views

In the world of credit / grading agencies, CRISIL is prominent name for being amongst the pioneers in this field, globally. CRISIL stands for Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited, and it has Standard &

SEBI SCORES: SEBI Complaints Redress System
  • 3 December 2015 | 2701 Views

Almost everyone these days has developed a good habit of saving the money for speculated/ anticipated or unpredictable future needs. In this context one does save through short or long term recurring deposits / fixed dep