8 Point Check List while Applying for Housing Loan
  • 10 July 2016 | 1701 Views

Waking up in your own house gives a different kind of calmness and pleasure. Approaching the bank for loan, is, on the contrast, a difficult task as they are going to investigate everything about you and would sanction y

Types of Home Loan
  • 9 July 2016 | 1723 Views

Since ages, having own home is considered a milestone for one’s financial success. Evolved over time, having a home in a particular city marks one as a native of that area. Providing a sense of belonging and comfort, a

Benefits of Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • 7 July 2016 | 1043 Views

An old Marwari, during his conversation regarding money habits, quotes "To generate new money, first you must have some money" and "only money can grow money”. The question that arises is how to get that money to inves

Robo Advising v/s Personal Financial Advisor
  • 1 July 2016 | 1409 Views

The avid presence of automated robotic technologies can be seen everywhere. Right from the writings of Isaac Asimov to self driving cars, robots have made a strong impression to our minds. Another hard hitting fact th

10 day trip to Malaysia: Accommodation and Foreign Exchange
  • 16 June 2016 | 1363 Views

Stage III: Get a classy Accommodation Hotel Booking AirBnB was a hot choice to check if we could get a private villa or a less commercialised property, but hard luck we couldn't find anything there. So, I began sea

Compound Annual Growth Rate
  • 12 June 2016 | 1094 Views

"Returns", the sole aim of any investment. Buying a blue chip stock? For good returns? Using SIP for your mutual funds? To get great returns? Even we search for the best education possible so that we can have a great wit

Understanding NSDL CAS
  • 9 June 2016 | 2607 Views

They say " do not put all your eggs in the same basket", pretty correct. But how to keep a track of all baskets, when you have a dozen of them? Tuning it to the investment language, how are yo going to keep record of

5 Internet Based Part Time Jobs you can try!
  • 1 June 2016 | 1434 Views

The internet: acclaimed as the answers to all the questions. The internet, a gateway to see the whole world from a screen as small as 2inches. The internet, addiction for some, boon for all. The very reason you are readi