Exchange Traded Funds
  • 31 March 2017 | 1906 Views

Exchange traded fund (ETF) is one of the most important investment and valuable product that provides investors a way to pool their money in a fund. This marketable security makes investments in common stocks, bonds or

ASBA: Application Supported by Blocked Amount
  • 29 March 2017 | 1325 Views

ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amount. ASBA is an application comprising an authorization to block the application money in the bank account, for subscribing to an issue. If an investor is applying t

B2B Robo Advisory
  • 28 March 2017 | 1226 Views

Technology is moving fast and various new innovations are upsetting themselves far ahead than the expectations. The society’s dependency on technology is ever increasing. A technological invention that is currently in

What is Endowment Life Insurance Policy?
  • 25 March 2017 | 1575 Views

An endowment policy is basically a life insurance policy which, apart from covering the life of the insured, helps the policyholder to save regularly over a certain time, so that he/she gets a lump sum amount on the poli

Investment v/s Inflation
  • 25 March 2017 | 1466 Views

A widely debated concept, Inflation is an economy-wide continuous tendency of increasing prices from one year to the next year. The rate of inflation is very important to understand as the real value of any investment ge

What are Bargain Stocks?
  • 22 March 2017 | 1528 Views

It is very difficult to buy bargain stocks today. Everyone loves a bargain and resisting a bargain stock is no exception, and is usually impossible for smart investors. Investors frequently fall prey to value traps when

What is a Robo Advisor ?
  • 21 March 2017 | 1566 Views

A robo-advisor is basically an automated service that offers you advice on managing investments by a computer algorithm and also helps you buy some financial goods. A robo-advisor network can also contain human financia

How Does Recurring Deposit Work
  • 18 March 2017 | 2616 Views

Recurring Deposit is a small savings based financial tool which can be used to meet a lot of your life’s goals without any risks, and with certain returns. It is one of the most simple and straight forward investment