5 Internet Based Part Time Jobs you can try!


The internet: acclaimed as the answers to all the questions. The internet, a gateway to see the whole world from a screen as small as 2inches. The internet, addiction for some, boon for all. The very reason you are reading this article is because of the internet.

A lot of internet based startups and huge companies have floated around in past two decades. Obviously, it has generated regular and sustainable income and gave employment to a huge number of people from all fields.

Apart from being a regular income tree, internet has also played a key role in promoting part time/free lancing or contract based income sources. In fact a new part time industry is on the verge of flourishing. Let’s explore a few part time internet based jobs that might interest you:

1.Content Writing: From housewives to computer engineers, all have acquired some form knowledge that in turn can be useful to a lot of people. Earlier, people used to meet more often and give suggestions at something they are good at. With the internet, the art of finding solutions over Google is more of a habit.

This is where content writing comes in. If you have good writing skills and can elaborate about things and process in easy manner, you are always welcome by a lot of websites. It can be easily taken as a 2-3 hour part time job and get some quick bucks and name to yourself.

2. Social media management: Social Media, the home to EVERYTHING!! The government, the rebels, the pop diva, the nerds, there is hardly anything that is not on social media. With everybody partying on the web, it becomes quite an opportunity to market your product online. If marketing online do give you an interest, you should give a chance to social media management. Here, you can manage Pages and Feeds over various websites to interact with followers, post new updates and address any other issues. You don’t need to work all day, just the best time which suits you.

3. Photography: If clicking images interest you, cashing in some good ones as a part time income source might be something you can have a look at. Some websites would even pay royalty for as long as your images are used.

4. Photo Editing: Designers skilled on Adobe Photoshop and similar  are needed by every online journal. Showcase your skills and you might hired for a couple of hours each day to create, edit and design interesting graphic content.

5. Search engine optimisation: If you can devote to earning a skill that fetches easy money for you, SEO is not a bad investment. It is a form of digital marketing and advertising strategy that makes a website popular enough that it comes to  the first page of Google searches. Skilling this art and working on a website who interests you would not only increase your knowledge but also would get you a few bucks.

When it comes to investing, they say “don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket”, so why have a single source of income, when you have potential for more. Earning over the internet is recommended as there are no high initial investment. Even for a tuition, you need to buy furniture and stationary, but for internet based jobs, your good old computer and the internet would suffice. The hours are flexible and there are high chances of being recognised globally.

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