What are Bargain Stocks?


It is very difficult to buy bargain stocks today. Everyone loves a bargain and resisting a bargain stock is no exception, and is usually impossible for smart investors. Investors frequently fall prey to value traps when they go for a bargain. These bargain stocks might come out promising, but at the end of the day they are a big comedown for investors and they have no chance to go anywhere.

Normally, every person understands what is a bargain. It’s related concept in the stock market. Bargain prices exist when supply greatly exceeds demand. For example, hotel tariffs reduce drastically during off-peak season. During the cold season, the supply of rooms exceeds demand, so the hotel discounts rooms to attract more guests.

If you begin searching for bargain stocks, one must concentrate on those securities that have more supply than demand or in different words, out-of-favor stocks. If there is less demand for a stock, the price will definitely decline.

Although declining of the prices alone are not an indication of bargain opportunities. Once Bargain stocks are identified, then the work starts to find out, if those securities will eventually be in high demand again in the future. Only because of such, in the energy sector, there are both bargains and bust. A decreasing feature of the stock price alone does not give bargain status, but the stock prices are a great place to start the hunt for bargain securities / opportunities. Bargain stocks can allow for a lower initial investment that ultimately provide greater potential returns, and provide higher dividend payments.

The first advantage of bargain stocks is that investors will be able to begin with a lower initial investment. A lot of investors do not have much money to invest into the markets straight away. By getting involved with bargain stocks, especially when the stocks are ‘on sale’ by companies’, investors can extensively reduce the amount of capital required to get started in the stock market.

Another advantage of bargain stock is that there is a much better potential for return. By investing in these stocks, investors will be able to buy more shares than they would have been able to with a more expensive stock. Owning more shares is going to allow investors to increase their returns with still a small monetary gain in the stock price of the company.

When you focus on a stock that look as if to be an underpriced then ask the following questions to determine whether it’s a real buy:

Whether the stock down due to market conditions? If the stock market is down may be due to an economic slowdown or may be due to the recession, then there are good chances that most other stocks are down as well. If the company’s fundamentals remain strong, but the share price falls, then this stock may be the bargain of what you’ve been looking for.

Whether the stock is down because of sector news? If any bad news comes up of one stock in the sector then traders may escape from stocks in the same sector. If a good reputed company’s stock takes a hit because of another company’s bad luck, that’s what a bargain is waiting to happen.

Whether stock down because of trouble specific to this company? If investors have fled for better reasons, sell shares in the company if you possess them or avoid buying if you don’t own them. Though, keep in mind that the market tends to overreact and may hit by a negative news, So passing bit of bad news can begin a good buying opportunity, but if the news points out some basic problems in the company’s success or its operations, Be cautious of the following; Excessive debt; Declining sales or earnings of the company, no or very little cash flow; Illegality, such as fake documents or insider trading.

If this stock has a lot of problems, the best thing about the stock market is you don’t have to dangle around. Money can decline or even decay in a dead stock, but if you put your money into a true value stock then ultimately it will recover you back some of your losses.

So, finding a bargain stock is not easy; a Bargain stock often isn’t in the public eye, and if it is, the news might be overly negative. Just keep in mind the fundamentals of the company and invest where you find your best. So begin your bargain search by looking at especially miserable industries. Use multiple valuation ratios for best results. 

                    So “a Bargain ain’t a bargain unless it deserves your hard earned money”.

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