B2B Robo Advisory

B2B Robo Advisory

Technology is moving fast and various new innovations are upsetting themselves far ahead than the expectations. The society’s dependency on technology is ever increasing. A technological invention that is currently in making the status quo in wealth management is the robo advisor. Till now, robots have saved about $50 billion in assets. The number is probable to grow fairly hastily to a projected $285 billion by this year, but would still account for a minor share of the asset management industry. McKinsey has predicted that robo advisors could ultimately expand to $13.5 trillion worth of assets, assuming that 25% of wealthy households ($100,000 to $1 million) and approximately 10% of high net worth individuals (having more than $1 million in assets) choose automated investment advice.

First of all, let us understand what Robo advisor is: 

Robo advisory is an automated, algorithm-based portfolio management service provided by wealth management firms. As a reason of its automated nature, a robo advisor significantly reduces underlying management costs, enabling wealth management firms to offer this as a low cost service for their customers. They mostly have no minimum investment requirements, which make them attractive to the techno savvy “Millennial” generation of investors. Transparency in portfolio and lower cost pricing two additional benefits associated with its services. These factors distinguish its investment style from the traditional method of asset servicing and wealth management.

B2B Robo Advisory:

A business to business robo advisory is said as a digital automatic portfolio management platform that is aimed at financial advisors. It is applied by investment advisory organizations to improve the client experience by including their investors in the digital investment sphere.

Some of automated investment advisory firms are working on partnering with financial firms to up-sell their dashes for investment analytics, information on existing products and instruments, and risk calculation. An easy registering process grants investors access to free analytics and financial information on their current portfolios. These services are provided by wealth managers as value add in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Here, the B2B robo advisor is paid some percentage of the advisory fees by their partners. However, a few B2B robo advisors are aggressively shifting from purely aggregating and supplying online financial information to asset managers, and beginning to offer portfolio analytics software to banks and other financial institutions in the investment management domain. Other advisory firms are predicting future customers that are not limited to the financial firms, but also telecommunication, technology and media companies who wish to offer investing and saving options to their growing customer base via their devices.


Digital Investment Manager

  • Online investing
  • Automated re-balancing.
  • Portfolios using ETFs

Digital Advisory Manager

  • Automated advice
  • Simplified guidance on asset selection
  • Various asset classes

Hybrid Digital Wealth Manager

  • Digital plus video/web chart
  • Online investing
  • Automated advice

Other Innovative Models

  • Model portfolios
  • Preference-based investing
  • Socially responsible investing


Bambu is Asia’s leading B2B Robo advisory. It took it one step forward and formed unique solutions for each segment of the market; a White-Label platform tool for the affluent investors, Robo in a box concept for retail investors and an Intelligent Advisor for high net worth investor.

Bambu provides financial and consumer brands the ability to integrate and benefit from the shift in digital wealth. It is based in Singapore’s Lattice80 Fintech hub. It has built a white label SaaS platform that can be customized and integrated into your business. It provides solutions for retail, mass affluent and private banking. It initiates from easy goal-based savings products, all the way to actively manage equity portfolios at the top end. Its digital platform provides an advanced, cost-effective and user friendly entry point into the world of saving, investing and wealth management.

B2B Robo Advisors consist of a grid of RIA (stands for Registered Investment Advisors) and agents that pursue to take advantage of the low-cost robo advisory platforms, and permit these low costs on to their clients. By joining robo advisors, financial advisors are able to take in their established clients into the dominating financial tech world. B2B robo advisory platforms work in a number of ways which includes having a customized platform that mixes with the operations and needs of the financial institution that adjusts it, being built precisely for an existing non-discretionary platform, and partnering with financial advisors that can integrate the B2B robo advisor into their daily operations.

There is no single rule to the processes and working of a B2B robo advisor. Some companies like Betterment have both B2C and B2B robo advisor applications. Some start off as B2C and shift to B2B due to the high client attainment and marketing costs predominant in the B2C market.

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