Quovo : Understanding Data Aggregation for Finance
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Are you an entrepreneur venturing into the world of finance? Does your business require keeping in touch and managing several accounts? Are you in search of a platform which connects to millions of financial accounts ? A

Understanding the Fintech Behind Loyalty Reward
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There are various kinds of marketing strategies by which client retention can be done in order to excel in business. Loyalty Reward programs are one such marketing strategy which is well maintained and specially designed

Investment : What is the Art of Scientific Investment ?
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Investment is an art with a scientific background. A person must be highly judgemental, analytical, inferential and mathematical before making any kind of decision regarding investments. The reason behind is that they ar

Gpay (Google pay) – Do We Need it?
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Thanks to the Government and its digital push towards payments, we have seen a lot of interesting startups as well as big startups like Gpay edging to get more and more customers. As a result, we have witnessed a plethor

Amazon Pay : Exploring the best payment method
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Everyone loves shopping online. Isn’t it? From ordering groceries to exploring high definition televisions, internet bazar has got it all for you. In this article we will explore all about Amazon Pay method. However

SwitchMe – A solution to the customers for Take Over Home Loans
  • 29 September 2017 | 710 Views

SwitchMe is a fintech startup and is India’s first online service that helps with a new home loan or loan transfer to the lower interest rate. It is a consumer service that provides the best service to the consumers to

India’s Investment Geniuses: Dhirendra Kumar, Sandeep Sabharwal and Udayan Mukherjee
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India is a rapidly developing country, and we have seen a massive growth in the stock market. The reason behind this growth is because of the change in the mindset of the ordinary people living in our country. The develo

How to Take Loan Against Mutual Fund Unit?
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There is no doubt that mutual funds are the current big thing when it comes to investments. From young earners to the pensioners, this interesting and well diversified product serves a purpose to all. Wealth has not only