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Axis ASAP account has created over the idea of having an instant money harbor. A three step account opening process, ASAP has wide opened to gates to the digital banking for everyone owning a smartphone.

Money is the most important thing which one needs in today’s world. Without money you cannot do anything, you do need to have a bank account where you can save the money and you can actually get interest over it. It have never been the best thing to save all the money in just one bank account, but keep different bank accounts to save money for different purposes. In today’s world no one have so much time to actually visit a bank, finish all the mandatory paperwork and get a new bank account. Most of these tasks are so hectic as  you need to fill in different forms and have to have a nice run through the different counters in the Bank.

There have been initiatives by all the banks where the users can open a bank account simply by using the Aadhar Card and the PAN Card details. This was first started by Airtel’s Payment Bank and PayTM Payments Bank, they allowed the users to simply open an account with the e-KYC option of UIDAI. Now more and more people are using this eKYC option by simply using the thumb impression or by the SMS verification which is also included in the eKYC authentication option and will be considered as effective as your signature and your Thumb Impressions.


Now let us talk about Axis ASAP Savings Account which is just like any other savings account which can be easily accessed over the internet. The Axis ASAP has an application and even a online portal where you can login and proceed with opening and operation of savings bank account before discussing on how to open a Savings Bank Account let us look forward to the important terms and conditions which Axis bank have for their ASAP savings bank account.

Terms and condition includes that only residents of India above the age of 18 years will be eligible for Axis ASAP savings account so you must keep in mind that if you are a minor you will have to go with your guardians for the bank account via the traditional way. Another thing to note is that single user can have only one Axis ASAP Savings Account with them which means you cannot own more than one account using the same Aadhar Card authentication in the same bank.

With the Axis ASAP Savings Account is that you will have to visit the Axis Bank within 12 Months in order to process a full KYC verification if he or she fails to do so the account will be frozen and the customer will have to visit the branch in order to retrieve that account. Thus, this is the only instance where you understand that Axis ASAP Savings Account is not a totally hassle free savings account.

The users will also be able to get a physical debit card from Axis ASAP Savings Account which will be at a charge of 500 INR per year, although you will still have a virtual debit card which you can use without any problem for all different kind of e-commerce transactions. With Axis ASAP Savings Account you get different types of offers from Cleartrip, Bigbasket, Pepperfry, Wynk, etc. Axis ASAP Savings Account also provides a Fixed Deposit account which does require you to do a full KYC before you can opt for a Fixed Deposit. The minimum term for a Fixed Deposit is 24 months.

These are some of the terms and conditions which are important to be known, still you must read the terms and conditions on the official site before opening the account to be more clear about the Axis ASAP Savings Account. Axis Bank has been quite honest and displayed all the applicable charges on a single webpage.  There are a number of fees involved in the Axis ASAP Savings Account which are to be known to all the common users which are as follow:

  • Account Closure charges: 500 INR (only payable if you close the account within 6 months of opening the account.)
  • NetSecure 1 Touch Insurance Fees: 800 INR
  • 5rs per INR 1000 when doing cash deposits.
  • Outstation Cheque Fees.
  • Convenience Fees.

Please do visit the link in order to know in detail about all the different fees chargeable as an Axis ASAP Savings Account customer.  

Account Opening in Axis ASAP

Now let us go through the steps to open a AXIS ASASP Savings Account which is publicized as an easy 3 step process.

  • Head to the Axis Bank ASAP Account registration page on their website via this link or to the AXIS ASAP Savings Account App and start with the registration
  • On the first page you will be asked to enter your name which you have to enter as per your Aadhar and pan card.
  • When you click on go you will have to enter the Aadhar No and PAN Card number and your Date of Birth.
  • Once you click on Continue you will get a SMS on your registered phone number in UIDAI which you will need to enter.
  • After you click on continue you will be able to access your Axis Bank ASAP Savings Account.

These are the steps to open the Axis ASAP Savings Bank Account, the steps are quite easy and you can easily open an account, do note that as you are giving the PAN Card and Aadhar Card for verification the cash flow of this account will also be taken in consideration for your Income Tax.

With the ASAP, Axis Bank has announced its digital banking plans to the common. It has also tied up with major internet service providers and retail websites for various discounts which are available only when transactions are done through Axis ASAP. This physical document less and minimum balance account service can prove to be highly useful towards the pocket money oriented and part timers, who use their phone as the sole source for almost everything.

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