What is Corpository?

what is compository

In this information loaded internet era, finding genuine and noteworthy information is indeed a herculean task. When launched in the market, one has to look around for companies, and its associated people on almost a daily basis. But what’s a general method for that? Market opinion and our fixed patterns do work here but they get tedious sometimes. There has to be a general flow that can be effective to work and that provides the updated information. When there is so huge data in front of us, the correct selection is very important to deal with. Corpository can be one of the solution.

When dealing with such issues, company data can sometimes be very difficult to extract. Online search engines fail to provide accurate information that one asks for. That being said, it is not acceptable to spend 12+ hours on a piece of information to be piled in an organized form. Because sources that contribute to information to be fetched aren’t easily available.

The number of organizations in the country has been rising every day. With the number going high, data also increases at an exponential rate. And data cannot be accessed by any individual so easily due to some obvious confidential reasons. But when a person is active commercially, communication and marketing are his key strengths. To create a rapport, track down data or to have relevant information for competitors, etc and the list may go on, data is needed.

Corpository – A solution

An data intensive startup from India has been taking these problems to a halt. The main motive of the organization is to provide easily accessible and organized information to the clients in a go. Analyzed decisions and correct information can now be on the tap and click. About 1900000 companies and over 3000000 directors database has been framed in a single page. With such tremendous data in hand, decisions and organizations can be easier to handle. To bid a bye to the conventional methods of tracking down several pages and organizing data this may take a lot of time. 

Corpository is a website and mobile app available to be accessed anytime anywhere. With a simple keyword enter and search, it allows accessing company related information and information related to it and key people associated with it. The information is highly reliable and updated which is necessary to track down data and decision making can be crucially dependent on this. Such organized and updated data might be really useful to any individual and time-saving.

Apart from the information about the company and its key people, this organization also provides services that will help for the background check of companies or can keep a track of the goals and risks, which will further help you to take decisions more practically and beneficially. The support comes handy from initial to the final stage of your business development where you need communication with certain companies or people or check about certain organizations that will affect one’s own business.

How does Corpository work?

Objective of Corpository is to generate a thorough report about a company / LLP or a director, which details with the following:

  1. Financials.
  2. Rating.
  3. Credit Facilities.
  4. Associate Concern
  5. Directors (Present as well as past)
  6. Litigations.
  7. Auditor/s of the  Company.
  8. Shareholding Pattern
  9. Charge of any banks / lending company.
  10. Other non financial data about registration numbers, KYC etc.

When dealing with some listed or limited company or information, information may be easily accessible from the internet. However, when unlisted company data is to be accessed, it’s time-consuming. But, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India provides information about private companies. They haven’t marketed the services provided and therefore it might not be aware to all and inaccessible.

Corpository has developed a website that has the database of all the information related to the private company’s data that’s fetched from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and also from other sources that makes it a cloud of enormous data which can be used by professionals or any individual.

The main point of an advantage here is that the service is available to anyone who wishes to access it. They believe any individual who wishes to seek information should get that. Thus, the free usage of service opens gates for everyone and not just the top 5% of the esteem. However, the free service is available upto a few features. Premium or customised plans are available for frequent researchers, data analysts and due diligence teams. 

Having studied a million papers, collecting data and arranging them in a highly professional way and easy to use for their clients has been the backbone of the company. All this information is free of cost and no money is to be paid for getting details of your required organization. A simple tap with no cost can be easy to use and what’s more convenient is it can be filtered to make a narrower choice.

Features and Products

Corpository provides various features for an individual like

  • Search about companies and its directors: – Contact information of them can be easily accessed.
  • Director and Company Snapshot: – To get an idea about how the management, finances, capital, etc in an organized easy to read format.
  • Update information: – The Company gives the latest information which is highly advantageous as sometimes some websites may take longer than usual to give us the updated data. 
  • Get Latest:- Several company data has been stacked which can be used by the public anytime and at any place via the network through the website or mobile application
  • Advanced search: – One can filter the search based on the state, requirements you wish to look and a better-filtered list can be accessed.
  • Export to CSV:- One can export these data to CSV file while he/she can tamper the digits or data without modifying any original data.
  • Detailed multiple year finances: – One may need to have a look at some previous data other than the current scenarios. Thus, Corpository also provides the data from previous years.

It is an automated service provided to us for not only tracking information but also for helping set and achieves targets, analyze your competition, compare your information and prioritize based on various vital points provided by them. Their features that involve exploring, insight and monitor can help a revolutionary 360degree support for any issue arising. All this cumulatively makes this a one-stop destination for all the business related queries and data handling for clients.

The features are so designed that they keep a check on various entities like Questioning, Risk alert, Information, Checking, Caution, Urgent, Damage, etc which in turn will make a complete sphere of protection and assurance for the clients dealing. 

End-to-end automation technology is used here which reflects how the updated technology is used for the betterment that not only is easy but also accurate with results.

Value-added Services 

Apart from the products that are being listed here, Corpository also offers services pertaining to the clients which may be beneficial to them for a smooth run of business.

  • Field inspection services: – In a partnership with NHBS, Corpository offers this service to the clients PAN India. These services are helpful during several stages and can also help for risk profiles of the institution.
  • Director Background check services: – The Company or the person one thinks of dealing with may be involved in some defaulting business. To overcome such issues, a web-based subscription plan is designed by Corpository that will run a check of the background of the partner organization or proprietor.
  • CAM Automation: – Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) which is basically a software used for machine control is also assisted by this organization. They help with CAM or similar kinds of reports to be generated. It can be considered as a project service for users.
  • API Integration:- Application programming interface (API) that is meant for building communication over different networks, is also available on Corpository for their feature of ‘Insight’

Targeted audience and Access

Corpository believes that information is to be accessible to everyone and not just the froth of elite people who constitute the top-most positions. According to them, anyone who wishes to have any information must be able to use it. 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers
  • Bankers
  • Risk Analysts
  • Investors 
  • CA,CS Consultants 
  • Students 

Any person who wishes to seek the contact information or any further assistance can be benefitted from this. Their team has active working people who are ready to assist for any query faced and they also have advisors for market-related ideas who are highly experienced and reputed in their domains.

In a nutshell

For unlisted companies, whose information cannot be accessed easily accessed from the internet, Corpository has piled up data from various sources and introduced a webpage and a mobile application that will display information related to any company or its key associate people. Additionally, it will also assist you with finances, market and market and management. 

User-friendly and free, the website and its android / iOS application is accessible to all who wish to seek information for any organization. The data is reliable and updated, which is highly advantageous. The team also has advisors if one wishes to seek advice related to their finances or management. From students to entrepreneurs, bankers to risk consultants, a lot of professionals have been actively involved in this. The data can be filtered, tracked, compared and can also be downloaded in CSV to change according to your requirements without changing original data.

In general, this is a highly recommended application for business professionals for highly curated data.

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