Using the Apple Card

using the apple card

There’s a new way to pay 

Using the Apple credit card is not a complicated process. The iPhone user needs to open the wallet app, which comes preinstalled on the phone and then register themselves. Most of the information required is already filled in while making the Apple ID, and the same information is used to register as well. In addition they also ask for the social security number and the annual income of the user. The criterion of issuing and use of the card is similar to a real credit card. Once the standard is met, the user is allowed to make all digital payments using apple services. If a user wishes to make payments which are not digital, then they can apply for a physical Apple Card as well, which is used like a regular credit card. 

Requirements for being eligible for a card 

  • Has to be above 18 years of age 
  • Has to be a US citizen 
  • Has to be a lawful US resident with a US residential address 
  • Should have two-factor authentications 
  • Should be logged into iCloud 

Using Apple Card and Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be synced with other credit cards and debit cards, which can be used to make payments. The information about the cards is saved in the wallet app. If the user applies for an Apple physical card, it’s sent via mail and when the envelope arrives all the Apple user has to do is scan the map with their phone and press on the activation button on the iPhone. No calls have to be made whatsoever for the activation of the card which is usually done for traditional tickets. The card is very secure in the sense that it only has the holders name mentioned on the front of the card and there is no information on the map which can be used for purchase in case it’s stolen.

There is no CVV or a card number etched on it. This information is present in the wallet app itself. The similarity with an Apple Card and credit card is that it has a chip and a strip. The card is issued free of charge, and even if the user loses the card or asks for a replacement, there will be no charges whatsoever. The wallet app is preloaded on the iPhone, but it can be used on multiple Apple products such as the Apple Watch, iPad and, Apple watch, and the Mac. The Apple Card can be added on the iPad by going to the settings and Apple Pay section. A similar procedure shall be followed to add Apple Pay in the watch. Payments can be made via the Mac by selecting the allow payments feature which then uses the iPhone or watches for the authentication. 

What’s the credit limit

The credit limit on the Apple credit card varies from person to person depending on their credit score. If their credit score is higher, their spending limit will be set high similarly those with a poor credit score will get a lower limit. 

Keeping track of transactions 

Apple Pay sends a monthly statement with information regarding all the transactions in the form of a pdf. It can be saved and seen from different devices whenever the users wish to view them. All the purchases that are made are mentioned in the wallet app clearly and are also color coded according to the categories. There are transaction summaries available for the users to track. The summary shows the monthly balance and wherever the user has begun to make new purchases.

Single user 

More than one person can not use the Apple Card. One card is allowed per account, and it can’t be shared. An account is made for every Apple ID. 

Fee payments 

Apple does not have any charges if the user exceeds their limit of spending or fails to make the payments in time, nor do they charge the user any annual or international fees. However, Apple claims that the user will ultimately have to pay the interest on the outstanding balance even though the interest rates will not be affected. 

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Apple is aiming to provide the card to as many users as it can possibly can. Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs has been approving customers.

Reward system 

Apple has made a system called daily cash for the users. The users will not have to wait for an extended period to receive their cash backs. Those who have registered themselves with Apple pay debit cards will receive daily bonuses. Apple cash is a separate concept which allows the users to take daily cash on their payments. If the user does not have an Apple cash set up, then they cannot take advantage of the regular cash facility. The reward system adds the cash to the apple card, and that can further be used for making payments or can be transferred to friends and family. Apple has a feature which allows the user to transfer the cash to his or her bank account with no fee, but the process requires time of around two to three days. Along with this, there is an option of instant transfer, but they charge a certain percentage of the amount in this case. If there is some problem with any purchase and the product is returned, then the amount is refunded to the user. 

Notification System 

Whenever the user makes a purchase, he or she will instantly receive a notification stating what purchase has been made. This makes sure that it is the user who is making the purchase. The system has been carefully crafted in a way that it will notify the user if there is any purchase which is not normal.

Proper labelling of transactions 

The apple wallet works with the apple maps and can accurately tell the users where they had used the wallet. This is such a significant relief for customers because now they no longer need to think where they had spent the money. E.g., if the user had purchased something from a departmental store, then the name of the store would be mentioned on the tractions list. 

Payment options 

Apple informs the user of the interest rates that they will be paying if they use the payment option in the current scenario. This way, the user can decide for themselves which method will be the best. Apple claims that it is trying to encourage all the wallet users to make as many purchases as they can using the wallet so that they can get better interest rates. They are providing users the options to make payments at different times in a month, and they send a notification telling the user when the particular payment is due. A bank account can be linked with the wallet application or else the system of Apple cash can also be used. Apple cash before making the transaction will ask if the user wishes to continue with the same bank that had been selected before or if they wish to change the bank account. 


All the cards that are added in the wallet are saved in a secure place. There are special numbers allotted to the Apple cards that exist. The information that a user may term as private is only accessible when there is a touch id or facial recognition, which ensures that the information is not made available to miscreants. No payment is made without ensuring that it is indeed the customer who has made the purchase. A security code is sent to the user at the time of the purchase. This system ensures that no information about the user is given out. The user can make purchases without worrying because the data is not going to be accessible to anyone. Goldman Sachs, the credit card partner, is to access information only when there is any issue to be resolved other than that they assure the users that the information will not be further sold to any companies for any purposes. 


The apple credit cards are functioning exactly like Mastercard as they provide similar services to the users. They safeguard the users from incidents where their identity may be stolen, any cases of fraud, and with certain partners, they guarantee a two-day delivery. The network used by both companies is the same. Therefore, services such as travel discounts and upgrades, exclusive offers on special events and discounts on the renting of homes. Apple card, however, does not have benefits such as extension in warranties protection in the purchase. 

Apple Support 

The Apple staff is available 24/7 they can be contacted via text. They work round the clock to make sure that the users face no difficulties. There is a report the issue option available with every action all a user has to do is click on that, and the query will be made. The user can intimate apple if any transaction is listed incorrectly. 

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