Skills You Should Invest in Before Buying a Car

  • 9 February 2018 | 1690 Views | By Mint2Save

Buying a car is now a goal of almost every youth, once a job is secured. Statement of your lifestyle, companion for all trips, the steering therapy, etc., are several words with which people relate a car to themselves.

Thanks to the consistent high end upgradation in technology and mass industrialisation, cars are not only getting smarter everyday, but also quite economical to own and maintain.  However, before owning a car, it is recommended that you thoroughly lean a number of skills which will further help you in maintaining your car very efficiently.

  Skills You Should Invest in

Before Buying a Car

  1. Changing a Spare Wheel: Irrespective how huge or small your car and how comfortable it feels from the inside, when it comes to changing the wheel, it is always a cumbersome task. Even though your car manufacturer would give you a toolkit and a DIY guide on changing a tyre, it does take a lot of time to get it done, especially when you have no help around you. 
    Tyre repair | tyre puncture
    Repairing a tyre can be a surprise heavy expense

    This is not some art to be mastered, it is just a skill like swimming is: you won’t always need it, but when you do, you won’t disappoint.

  2. Scratch Free Cleaning: Cars a becoming peppier day by day. From simple monochromatic exteriors, cars now have multiple colors, shades and even glossy edges as a common feature. More awesomeness simply means more responsibility to keep it the same way it was when delivered. Having jot down some simple tips for how to regularly clean the car without causing any scratches on the chassis as well as the windshields will eventually save you a lot of frustration and money too. After all, real love lies in the details. This would also mean using grease balms, and softcloths etc., to keep the car stay and feel as good as new.
  3. Under the Hood: You don’t need to know everything inside the hood of the car, but a brief idea about opening the hood, cleaning it and filling the “spray can” wouldn’t be too much to ask.  Looking at the aspect of how technology oriented cars have become, you should also be aware about the ICE system in the car, and various measures to deal with its unexpected responses.   Hence, under the hood goes from the engine to the car’s electronic circuitry at the driver’s end.
  4. Maintenance Need: Every car needs an expert hand every once in a while to check how is the car doing. Yes, the regular maintenance to the machine is as important as  regular health check ups for us. Also, increased car life and lower chances of breakdown are there. Maintenance also includes changing of mandatory car components such as shockers, oil filter, etc., would eventually make you reap the best mileage out of your car.
  5. Document Management: Ownership manual, registration, pollution clearance and insurance documents of your car can keep you out of any trouble on and off the road. Managed documents make it very easy to catch hold of important dates such as renewal of insurance, revalidation of pollution clearance certificate etc. This becomes more important when your car is financed from a bank. A bank does note a lien on the car with the registration authorities. This lien is needed to be removed once the loan on the car is closed. However, keeping the car loan documents safe is an essential feature, as it can shorten the process out in the future. 
  6. Accessory Matching: As cars are getting more and more loaded with features, accessory market is also heating up. Not just showpieces, but also utility based accessories such as use and throw air can, air purifiers are also catching up quickly into the mass market.  It is also to be remembered that while not every car owner would need an accessory for his car, but some accessories are always needed. Car perfume, tissue box, sun shades, water bottle, charger etc., are just a few out of several needful accessories.

Buying a car is one of the first steps that indicate some good wealth creation and financial planning. It is equally important to keep the car in good health and appearance, making your effort worthy and you a better keeper. Getting a good hold of the skills mentioned above is not only going to fetch you some attention and praise, but will also make you save. After all, a car is not just an expense, but a good investment to lead a better lifestyle and have more fun with your friends and family.

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