How to make a decision while purchasing a Car

  • 20 December 2016 | 1731 Views | By Mint2Save
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A long long ago,there were days when owing a bicycle used to be symbol of status but, rapidly time changed and scooters and motor cycles replaced cycles. These auto 2 wheelers soon became a necessity than to a status symbol under the changing scenario. Amazingly, scene has changed very rapidly and drastically such that owning a 4 wheeler, which used to be a symbol of very high status, has became a necessity, specially for the present younger generation. Even owning a hatchback Nissan, which used to be a sign of prosperity for the owner, is no more having that dignity which it used to be as availability of many other types of cars of different models  and make with far more advanced features and  loan facility at affordable rates coupled with easy terms & conditions , are available in a very competitive manner has changed the scene drastically and radically.

But, still, one has to take into considerations the followings:

  1. Need,
  2. Affordability does count a lot as many have an onion that purchasing a vehicle is not that costly in purchasing the vehicle but its maintenance and recurring fuel cost and some other petty but essential expenses are difficult borne with.
  3. Pocket size, i.e. availability of money with self,
  4. Availability of Parking facility in the house or premises,as the case may be.

If the above mentioned factors are met with  favourably than,followings are taken into considerations :

  1. Type and brand  of vehicle includes the sitting capacity per need of the owner in the context of family size and then, a decision/ choice is to made from a simple car,a sedan, a hatchback vehicle, S.U.V., M.U.V., sports car and so on.
  2. Average or the fuel consumption of the vehicle and type of fuel used i.e. petrol or diesel or gas or hybrid or electric driven(battery powered) or some special fuel and availability of the fuel.
  3. Quantum of maintenance required at an average and availability of spares and their  price.
  4. Availability of after sales services and number of service centres and quality of service.
  5. Features of the vehicle under the consideration for owing which includes types of comforts provided in built or cane got fitted easily from the other sources like upholstery of seats, quality and features of dash board, power window,power steering, brakes, music system, G.P.S. facility, type and number of operating gears, position of head light switch, wiper switch, side indicating light switch and so on, types of wheels & tyres, head lamps, fog lamps and so on
  6. Type of body and chassis i.e. sturdy or soft, type of material used for the same.
  7. Ground clearance.
  8. Other modern features inclusive of Parking aids like sensors installed on the back to assist in making a successful parking using reverse gear.
  9. Colour and contour may not matter much for many persons but for some it may matter for they may even get ready to pay extra for getting colour and contours of the vehicle per their liking/choice.

Thus, any prospective buyer of a four wheel vehicle has to decide for and compromise for speed over fuel consumption, colour -contours over comfort, brand over recurring maintenance expenses and so on, per his choice and need.

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