Gpay (Google pay) – Do We Need it?

Google pay (Gpay)

Thanks to the Government and its digital push towards payments, we have seen a lot of interesting startups as well as big startups like Gpay edging to get more and more customers. As a result, we have witnessed a plethora of mobile wallets and payment gateways that tend to make our lives easy.

However, this sudden rush has resulted in too many applications being floated in the App Store. On the other hand, the demand for these applications has not been much, due to several reasons.

A new entrant in this race to be the staple digital payment app, Google, the company that runs the world’s largest search engine and has conquered the smartphone operating systems, has launched its very own digital payment app, known as Google pay!

While it is a late entrant, there hasn’t been any single app taking the lead, the competition is very open to all new as well as existing apps.

Google Pay (Gpay) is a new entrant into the world of digital payment making online payments easier than before. Google pay (Gpay) is totally dependant on UPI, the full form of which is Unified Payment Interface, which eases money transfers and online payments than any other app. It can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

After the successful installation of the app, a person has to link his or her bank account to it so that the payments are much easier. This app of Google uses a phone number for all kinds of money transfers. So, the user of the app has to provide the same number for the process of registration. It is not a wallet wherein a person can store money. Please do not confuse Gpay with any other app which has a digital wallet in it. With every registration of a new bank account with Gpay, the app creates a new UPI ID for that particular account.

There are more than 20 apps in the country which depend totally on UPI but Gpay is the one which requires the phone number only. If a person does not know the UPI ID of a particular person, no need to worry about the money transfer, The phone number of the person is more than enough to transfer the amount if a person uses the Google pay app. A person can also transfer the money in the traditional manner as well that is just by entering the account details and the IFSC code of the person via Gpay. QR codes can be opted for sending and receiving money. It has a brand new feature called Cash Mode, which utilizes audio QR to send and receive money. This feature of Gpay makes it totally different from the other apps. Don’t you think so?

Let’s make it much simpler by citing an example. Suppose your neighbour needs money for an emergency. You can easily transfer it to him or her by the usage of the feature called Cash Mode. What happens is that if you just tap on Cash Mode, it instantly sends an ultrasound, which is inaudible to human ears and creates a list. After that you have to tap on the name or the phone number of the concerned person, enter the required amount and your work is done. Cash Mode is basically used for people who stay close to your house or in the neighboring area. The banks, which have NPCI registration over UPI platform can be linked with Gpay.

Another most exciting feature of Gpay is that it can be used for purchasing products online. Redbus, Domino’s and many others are currently in partnership with Gpay. In the coming years, it is an assurance that many others will be under the broad umbrella of Gpay.

After all, such discussion, some of you might be thinking about the language problem due to which you might be unable to use the app. Please do not worry about the language part. Google has made English, the default language in Gpay because it is the universal language. But many other regional languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and many more languages have been included in the list. Did you get a sigh of relief after knowing it ? We hope that your answer is yes. So, now, it is really very easy to use the app called Gpay.

Now, the most important question is how much secured is Gpay. An important question indeed. Please do not worry about it. A PIN has to be created for setting up the profile of a person in Gpay. That PIN will only be used for opening the app. For other operations, a separate UPI PIN has to be created which will be in the sole usage of the bank account from which the transactions are done. A UPI PIN is mandatory for all the transactions. It is a mandate to enter the UPI PIN before any kind of transaction. Moreover, Gpay has a security cover which is known as Gpay Shield.

It is very helpful in the detection of fraudulent activities. It also helps to prevent the user’s profile from getting hacked. And another most important point is that if any person faces any kind of difficulty anywhere, anytime, then, he or she can give a call to the customer support from which help will be rendered almost immediately. It is a request to all the consumers that please do not share any PIN or UPI PIN to the customer service representative. It is for security reasons.

That’s not all from Google. It also provides some extra benefits to its users. Aren’t you happy to know that? There can be a question in the minds of all the business owners either small or big. What question can it be? Let us clear the suspense. Can they use the Gpay app for commercial or business purpose? The answer is yes, of course. The business owners either small or big can not only accept payments by the usage of Gpay app, but also can begin their own channels which are known as Gpay channels.

These channels are the spaces which can be only used by the small or big business owners. It is their space. It enables unique actions which an owner applies to his or her business. So, it is very easy for the owners of the business to drive in more customers under one single umbrella which is known as the Gpay app. This is a loud shout to all kinds of business owners from Google.

Last but not the least feature of the Google pay app is that it has a separate window for chat wherein messages can be exchanged.

So, what are you waiting for. Download the Google pay app and try it.

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