NPCI Vajra – Explore about National Payments Corporation of India Platform
  • 2 March 2020 | 25 Views

The digital revolution is the new wave in all sectors across the globe. With all other sectors progressing toward digitalization, banking is also all around the globe shifting towards digitalization. Banks across all are

Regtech: Evolution, Need and Advantages
  • 30 September 2019 | 39 Views

Regtech is the acronym for Regulatory Technology which signifies the formation of an entirely new field where the information technology sector is married off with the regulatory processes in the finance sector. It works

Exploring platform
  • 28 September 2019 | 14 Views

Though international trade has been going on since the medieval times, the complexities and risk associated have been haunting the exporters, importers, regulatory bodies and the banks. Lack of transparency, issues pe

How does a Blockchain work?
  • 20 December 2017 | 27 Views

It is highly unlikely that the tech savvy and finance-phillics are unaware of the term "Blockchain". This perfectly indexed ledger of records is now been accepted as the future for many new as well as old businesses. Sta