Bitcoin : Top Tools for crytocurrency Developers


Bitcoin is a groundbreaking digital technology with the potential to radically change the way that conducts the banking and commerce and to bring billions of people from the emerging market into a modern, integrated, digitalized and globalised economy. Bitcoin is the world’s famous digital currency. It is a crytocurrency and crypto currencies are slowly gaining toehold in among corporations, IT companies, E-commerce stores, and non- profit organisations. The top tools for bitcoin developers are:


Coino metrics focus in institutional level bitcoin data and research and it is a Bitcoin resource data centre and the company’s analyses of volatility, price dispersion and currency flows have a refreshingly proprietary feel. The company gather public data from Bitcoin P2P network or exchanges as well as the Bitcoin block chain and carry out a deep analysis to provide a perceptive and accurate state of the Bitcoin economy and security and health of Bitcoin network. coinometrics provide tools like Coinometrics BPIXTM which is the world’s quantitatively based Bitcoin price Index. Coinometrics does a complete company’s analysis of volatility, currency flows and price dispersion.


Coindesk is an industry leading source for data and information on topics such as venture capital investments, price, information on currency’s market growth and a number of Bitcoin statistics. It is a bitcoin database resource centre that offers a diversity of resources, news about the Bit coin process. Coin desk is a world leader in providing valuable source of information about Bit coin and crypto currencies.


CoinGecko is a website that offers users a 360-degree overview of the cryptocurrency market or data on Bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) related to price, market capitalization and trading volume. CoinGecko is a type of chart app It ranks crypto currencies by developer activity and communities metrics and a number of additional factors. CoinGecko too have a great news section that provides an overview of the latest currency information and crypto currency changes.


Blockchain is useful hybrid wallet which contain basic information on number of metrics like transaction volume, hash rate, market capitalisation and more. Moreover, users can easily look up every bitcoin transaction on the block chain by searching a bitcoin address to trace that where the coins came from and how much BTC is stored at one of the particular wallet address.


The site has a simple design but well populated with data on hundreds of retailers online and offline that accept bitcoins at their physical store locations. If you have already paid in cryptocurrency and you are looking for a place to spend your earned coins, Coinmap might be just the perfect tool. The design of Coinmap is clean, easy and simple, with an spontaneous navigation system that immediately makes an impression.

Bitcoincharts is well-known as user’s top choice for pricing information. website provides comprehensive look at digital currency network and cryptocurrency market chart. It focuses on technical view and analysis of the current bitcoin price trends. Bitcoincharts also provides a wide variety of customization options for viewing changes in how the price charts are displayed on the site and offers long term view for users a perspective on currency price history.


Bitnodes is  another Bitcoin tool that come in handy when analyzing the digital currency mrket. It is used in development for a specific purpose that is to visualise and estimate the size of Bitcoins network. The site’s tools collects data on all the nodes that run the 70001 Bitcoin protocol version.


It is the best tool, if you need a visual representation or analysis of the Bitcoin transactions on the block chain. The site shows all transaction detailed view of Bitcoin networks. It gives a real-time map of the currency transactions and newly mined blocks in the forms of a designed 3D globe. is another one of the leading digital currency analysis tool. provides information o block chains of currencies, such as bitcoin, linecoin, peercoin and many more. The site so called as “block explorer”, provides users to gather information and offers various data on recent blocks, block difficulty, and an estimation of future expected block difficulty, among other things. This site is also has a handy documentation section that tells about cryptocurrency.

Coin Marketcaps

Bitcoin is not just one market player in the digital currencies out there. There is a number of other currencies gathering momentum in the industry, despite Bitcoin’s growing popularity and $ 7.7 billion market cap. CoinMarketCap provides extensive data and keeps an up to date record of the market capitalisation and the current records of over  462 digital currencies.

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