Amazon Pay : Exploring the best payment method

What is Amazon Pay

Everyone loves shopping online. Isn’t it? From ordering groceries to exploring high definition televisions, internet bazar has got it all for you. In this article we will explore all about Amazon Pay method.

However, irrespective of the fact that the shopping online is lucrative, time saving and is becoming more and more consumer protective, the question of safe transactions is always there. The cumbersome process of entering details using debit card, confirming an OTP and entering an password, every time you want to shop is definitely not what a comfortable shopping experience would sound like.

Obviously, there are some people who are bored of using their debit and credit card for the payment. Each and every time they buy or order something online, they have to use their cards to pay which requires lots of formalities like usage of pin number, one time password or better known as OTP and at times, signature on the receipt as well.

Oh!!! What a hectic procedure, it is! Isn’t it? We guess that most of you will give a positive nod to it. Well, we have an excellent solution to it. Do you want to know what is it? Scroll down for your answer.

In this article, we explore the retail giant Amazon’s venture into the digital payment scenario: The Amazon Pay app. Now, there are a lot of digital payment applications in the market right now. Almost every bank has one and most business tycoons have their name attached to one or more of such apps.

So what makes Amazon Pay so different? Why would people use it? Let’s Find out!

Using at Multiple Outlets

The eCommerce giant, Amazon, has created one of the best payment applications of the new generation fintech.  Amazon Pay is such an app with which you can pay online anywhere anytime. This app can not only be used for buying products from Amazon, but also can be used for other websites too. Amazon has tied up with third party websites, so that whenever a person buys or makes a transaction in that website, the payment can be done by the simple usage of the app known as Amazon Pay.

It can be used for buying flight tickets, bus tickets or movie tickets as well. Amazon has also tied up with third party vendors like Cafe Coffee Day, Innerchef, Fassos and many more. So, what are you waiting for. Even for a sip of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day, do not worry for the payment. Just click on to the Amazon Pay app and clear off the payment in a jiffy. It is solely developed for the improvement of the experience of the online payment of the customers.

The Amazon Pay app was launched at such a point of time when India was facing a cash crunch due to demonetization. The sole motto of Amazon behind the launch of such an app was that a person can refill it with the usage of debit or credit card or by the facility of net banking and use it for multiple transactions in multiple websites as well as vendors like Cafe Coffee Day and many more.

As far as the education and information about this application goes, Amazon is leaving no stone unturned. A full fledged website has been developed which guides the consumers as well the merchants in using the applications. Further, all sort of documentary information is also well shared.

Just like most of the products on the applications, this application also guarantees a buyer protection. Further, Amazon has been constantly promoting this application with cashback options as soon as money is loaded into the application.

By the using Amazon Pay Balance, Amazon has an intention of easing out the procedure of online payment on its site itself for its valuable customers and to give them the best online purchase experience ever. Further, loading balance is also easy task as it can be done via debit cards, credit cards as well as by using internet banking.

Now the question arrives, what about the refund policy. If a person returns the product for any reason whatsoever, how will he or she get the money back. Will it be a hectic process? Will the amount be refunded directly to the savings account of the bank or to the Amazon Pay Balance or paid by cash? There are so many questions which are hovering around your mind and making you cripple your eyebrows. We are happy to say that there is no need to worry about such scenarios which might happen when a person purchases a product online. The users of this app can receive the refund faster than any kind of internet based money transfer services.

Tracking Expenses Using Amazon Pay App

The main and the most extravagant feature which makes it totally different from all other apps is that the person can track his or her expenditure as well as a refund in the transaction portion of this app. Aren’t you excited about it ? You can easily keep a track on your expenses so that you can save your hard earned money from getting wasted.

Shriram Jagannathan, the Vice President, Payments, Amazon India is of the opinion that they are really glad to launch such a useful app. It would be innovated time and again so that the app can be more hassle free than ever.

Trust Factor

Keeping aside the worldwide presence of Amazon, any kind of company, whether it is large or small, can easily trust the Amazon Pay app as it provides high standard security assurance to its beneficiaries. The advanced protection from fraudulent activities and the policy of the protection of the payment provides great reassurance to all kinds of businesses all over the world.

After going through all these pieces of information about the businesses, all the business owners either big or small can live in peace and use the app in a very easy manner as well and also suggest their own customers and clients use it off for all kinds of payments.

Safety to the User

But there is another important question in everyone’s mind. What about the people who are willing to purchase online? How does the Amazon Pay app provide protection to its users ? Before all such questions, the most important one is that why do we need to provide protection to the users of the Amazon Pay app ? The reason behind the protection of the users is that they would be providing their bank details whilst logging in to it.

Amazon Pay buyer protection
Amazon Pay buyer protection

They would also provide their personal details out there. So, an ultimate protection is mandatory for all the users. It would be protected by passwords which are pinged in by the user himself or herself. So, do you have any other reason to worry about.

So, what are you waiting for. Just download the Amazon Pay app and enjoy all the benefits.

Contrary to what its business figures are, Amazon has not been the first entrant into any retail segment in India. Amazon Pay is no exception. But what makes Amazon different is the technique of grasping information from the market and a good research platform. This is why, most of Amazon products and services are ready to face the heat right from the moment they are launched to the public. This is the reason of their success. As far as Pay goes, it has a long way to go till it can reach the masses for a digital transaction alternative.

Happy, Safe and Wise Shopping!

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