Malaysia under 1.50 Lacs: Chinatown and Roaming like Local


Day 3: Feb 4, 2016: Chinese Markets, Local foods, souvenir shopping etc.: The first thing I did in the morning was search about the bus journey and how the bus looked like and how comfortable it was. I was not disappointed at all. The buses looked very comfortable and reviews were fine too.

Roaming Kuala Lumpur



Learning from the debacle in the train booking, I purchased the Ferry Tickets for Kuala Perlis via a vendor from Kuala Lumpur and paid 18MYR/ticket to him. No extra charges.

Amazing Buildings in Kuala Lumpur

This day was devoted to exploring the streets and buildings of Kuala Lumpur.  We started with the ChinaTown: a place known for shopping souvenirs and bargain shamelessly. Frankly speaking, unless you are on an actual shopping spree trip, this place is worthy. Otherwise, its OK to browse quickly and leave in 30mins. We did the latter, and searched for a restaurant named Sangeetha which was quite popular for its fresh vegetarian Indian Food. It is located in the Jalan Masjid area and is one of the areas where a lot of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis can be seen. The traffic is high, but the people have a good traffic sense there.

Owing to its hygiene, food quality and good ambience, lunch at Sangeetha counted as one of the most expensive bills we paid at Malaysia. After coming out of the restaurant, we headed to find the nearest bus stop and found KL connect, a bus service that connects major parts of the city and is Free of cost.

We got off at the thrift shop area of Bukit Bintang, which, even though quite similar to the Chinatown, has some high prices.

Kuala Lumpur Streets

From there, we took a cab to catch the major popular sightseeings of the city. It cost us 80 MYR for the cab trip, which was around 3-4 hours.

By now, everything was under budget. For the extravagant food, clean water, shopping and travelling, we had spent 730 MYR in Kuala Lumpur.

While heading back, we caught up with another cab driver, who would drop us to the Bus Terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan for 35 MYR.

Most of the cabs are metered, but you can always get a fixed price deal when the driver explains that he might not find business at early timings (bus was at 7 am) or he gives you a economic package (for day trip to KL).

The cabs gave us a more convenient option over the Hop in Hop off buses.

Day 4: Feb 5, 2016: This was one of the most tiring days for us as we were supposed get up early and travel for almost 12 hours. We had packed our bags overnight and told the housekeeping that we would leave the keys in the travel box outside the office before we leave.

The morning started at 4:30 am, we got up, had some breakfast, took shower, got ready and headed downstairs around 6:00 am, where we found our cab waiting for us. It takes around 45 mins, thanks to the empty roads, that you reach the bus terminal around 645 am.

Boarding the bus to Kuala Perlis

The bus terminal is well maintained and very clean.  There is a waiting room, where you can Sleepy and anxious for the bus journey, I was feeling strangely excited. Finally, our bus arrived. It was a luxury one and had a recliner sofa sitting. The bus journey started and we both fell asleep. On waking up, we found ourselves in the beautiful countryside Malaysia.

After some time, the bus stopped on a mid-way (the only mid-way in the whole trip) and we had some coffee and biscuits.

On way to Kuala Perlis Jetty

After a long, but comfortable bus journey, we came to the jetty destination, Kuala Perlis.

Reaching Langkawi


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