Best Personal Finance App

Best Personal Finance Apps

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”: Warren Buffet.

Money management is not a layman’s task. One needs to be very careful as overspending can lead to serious debt problems and under spending can ruin your important plans with hefty regrets.

Managing finances is pretty much Newton’s third law of motion: If you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you.

There have always been ample opportunities in the world of money management and personal finance. This is why we can see a lot of firms of the 1800’s even working full fledged in the finance world. With the smartphone and internet times, finance has spread itself to applications. Some of the best minds of the world have collaborated to provide us with an amazing experience that can become integrated to our habits. Personal finance apps are deemed as the future of personal banking and investment services. Let’s find out some of the champions of these apps and how they are easing our lives.

Banking, all financial transactions, managing of money, sticking to budget and handling investments is getting easier and easier day by day by personal finance apps. Personal finance apps acts as reminders for everyone related to paying bills, managing account balances and other things that we do daily. There are lot of apps to save money, to earn money and to avoid unnecessary fees. When you look for best personal finance apps you must consider the following features:

  • Speedy real time execution
  • Extremely advanced computational capacity
  • High security feature
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple classification of thousands of various types of transactions.
  • Powerful technological features


Top Personal Finance Apps are:

Top Personal Finance Apps Best for
Mint Individual
You need a budget Individual
Acorns Individual
Quicken Individual
PayPal Individual
Venmo Individual
QuickBooks Businesses


Mint is the best budget and personal finance app. This app uses same security as Bank, the name behind service is QuickBooks and TurboTax, so that you could be sure that it provides proper security of your accounts and your data. This app allows you to look at your account balances (Your Bank and credit card accounts), Scheduled payments of bills, tracking everything at one spot, create budget, avoid late fees and due date reminder, updated in real time as long as you are connected with internet. It is free personal finance software thus it is cost effective for individual to learn how to budget and save money. Mint is compatible with all multiple devices as Mac, Pc, Apple, iPhone, Android, Microsoft and even more.

You need a Budget

You Need a Budget is a budget app that allows you to create a budget that you can follow and to live within your real income. You need a budget works on 4 rules to help you get your life balance.

  • To Gain total control on your money so as to save money
  • Give every dollar a work
  • Plan for irregular expenses or hold your true expenses
  • Learn how to survive on last month’s income.


Acorns app allows you to save and invest money or small amounts frequently into your portfolio. Normally each time when you make a purchase with a card that is connected to the app then Acorns rounds it up to the next highest dollar and automatically invests the difference in a portfolio of low cost exchange traded funds that you select based on your risk


Quicken is the best personal finance software for maintaining your investment and your budget but Quicken is not free it has 6 different versions. Quicken helps you to provide with daily check and credit watch alerts to protect using your credit by someone else or by stealing it. Quicken has the highest money management software security feature such as firewall protected servers, reliability checks for all messages, and consist of password to protect Quicken data files.


The PayPal app to keep an eye on their account only for those people uses it often. From the PayPal mobile app you can do lot of things such as  you look at your account, send or get payments, request or transfer funds even abroad, and even purchase or sell goods and services.


Venmo is a free app that enables you to pay or get money from anyone else who uses this app. Venmo helps you to transfer your money from Venmo to your bank account in just one business day. Venmo is used to stay connect with your friends and make purchases. Venmo also protect your data of your payment and makes it simple for customers to pay securely.  Thus, it is one of the best mobile payment systems and an Editors’ Choice.


QuickBooks is the best way to manage the small business finances and accounting. Through Quick books you can easily enter your employee and business data, you can easily view your profit & loss, balance sheet and other reports, and you can enter your PayPal transactions to your QuickBooks online. QuickBooks provides small business payroll benefits such as you can run payroll as many times with no extra costs, you can get automatic reminders of payroll and more. QuickBooks even gives you benefits for tax preparation.

So when it comes to technology things are always changing thus, while choosing the best personal finance app among various apps just keep in mind that it satisfies the features you want and must check its popularity, user growth, revenue and other factors of the personal finance app.

The number of personal finance applications is on an vivid increase as we witness peaked side of the smartphone revolution. These applications tend to replace your bank’s conventional customer accounting and make transactions so easy yet secure that anyone would prefer to go by the app.

Moreover, these applications also invite best practices for accounting and some of them even provide customised options for budget allocation. What is interesting is that these applications do not aim to replace personal finance advisors, but as a sidekick, aids them in understanding their clients earn-invest-spend chart.

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